The International Stock Exchange (TISE), the innovative provider of financial markets and securities services, and Shieldpay, the market leader in high-value B2B payments, today announce their strategic partnership to transform private market trading with automated payments.

TISE, renowned for its successful public market service, recently expanded its offering to introduce a complementary private market platform, TISE Private Markets, with the mission to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their investors with a viable alternative to traditional market infrastructure providers.

TISE Private Markets provides SMEs with an innovative suite of trading, settlement and registry management services, revolutionising the way private market transactions are conducted.

Shieldpay’s all-in-one digital payments platform facilitates seamless and secure high-value, complex transactions, bringing enhanced value to the payment process for TISE Private Markets. With streamlined verification checks, safeguarding of funds and automated payouts, Shieldpay will enable efficient, cost-effective, and secure transactions for customers of TISE Private Markets.

Through the automation of funds flow, the time taken for trade settlement will be drastically reduced, enabling funds to be transferred from buyer to seller in a matter of days instead of weeks. This accelerated process, placing utmost importance on security and compliance, will unlock liquidity and enhance financial flexibility for businesses and investors alike.

Cees Vermaas, CEO of TISE, said: “Our collaboration with Shieldpay represents a significant milestone in our delivery of TISE Private Markets. Together, we will transform the private market landscape, empowering SMEs and their investors with a more efficient and secure platform for trading and settlement. We’re excited to see our partnership evolve and expand its reach, empowering businesses and investors across borders.”

Peter Janes, Founder and Group CEO of Shieldpay, said: “We are delighted to partner with TISE and leverage our respective strengths to deliver a game-changing solution for the private market. By combining our technologies and expertise, we aim to redefine the way private transactions are conducted, fostering growth and innovation for businesses globally. By partnering with us, TISE can revolutionise private market trading and payments, providing unlisted companies with a seamless and cost-effective solution.”

Through this partnership, more businesses will have the opportunity to benefit from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness the integrated platform offers, while adhering to high transaction security standards.