2023 financial year highlights at TISE

  • Record turnover of £10.8 million – up 8.5% year on year
  • Profit increased 18.1% year on year to a new high of £4.9 million
  • Earnings per share increased to 171.3p; total of £2.6 million returned to shareholders during 2023
  • 842 new listings contributed to overall public market growth of 6.0% year on year
  • Launched and onboarded first client for TISE Private Markets

The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has reported record turnover, profit and earnings per share for 2023.

The International Stock Exchange Group Limited (the Group) has released its latest Annual Report which shows revenues up 8.5% year on year to a new high of £10.8 million, post-tax profit increased 18.1% year on year to £4.9 million, and earnings per share increased to 171.3p during the financial year ended 31 December 2023.

The Group has also announced the payment of a £2.00 per share special dividend in addition to the regular dividend payments.

Anderson Whamond, Chair of the Group, said: “I am pleased to report that we set several records for financial and operational performance across the business during 2023. Building on our achievements in 2021 and 2022, the Group reported another strong performance, delivering record turnover, profit and earnings per share. The Board is pleased to announce the payment of a special dividend of £2.00 per share, taking the total cash returned to shareholders through dividends during the last six years to £9.64 per share. With the launch of TISE Private Markets and an enlarged portfolio of financial markets and securities services, the Group is well positioned for long-term growth.”

There were 842 newly listed securities on TISE during 2023. This took the total number of listed securities on TISE’s Official List to 4,262 at 31 December 2023, which is a 6.0% increase year on year and the highest total since the Exchange opened for business in 1998.

During 2023, TISE’s leading European professional bond market, the Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM), listed a record 2,596 new issuances, comprising 827 entirely new security classes, as well as an additional 1,769 further issues to existing listings. TISE maintained a market leader position in products like private equity debt securities and high yield bonds, while securing a breakthrough in Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs).

Within its equity market, TISE has maintained its position as the second largest venue for listed UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and grown its market share to more than 45% of all listed UK REITs. With 9 new UK REITs listed on TISE during 2023, the total number of UK REITs listed on TISE reached 43 at the end of last year.

The year also saw the launch of TISE Private Markets. The number of private companies in the UK that have more than 100 employees has grown by 3,096 over the last decade to nearly 19,148, while the number of listed companies has reduced by 270 during the same period. TISE Private Markets gives unlisted companies a more efficient way to trade their shares by providing access to a set of integrated electronic auction trading, settlement and registry management solutions. Blue Diamond Limited, the leading garden centre group based in the UK and Channel Islands, became the first company to join TISE Private Markets.

Cees Vermaas, CEO of the Group, said: “It is extremely rewarding that we were able to celebrate our 25th anniversary year in 2023 by reaching several key milestones. The size and value of our public market reached new highs and we launched and onboarded the first client for TISE Private Markets. Our investment into an increasingly scalable and diversified business model means that we are in an excellent position to make the most of the opportunities which emerge, especially with the return of improved market conditions and the enhancement of our private markets proposition.”

A copy of the Group’s Annual Report for the year ended December 2023 is available here.