The local community will receive new mental health resources later in the year from Guernsey Mind thanks to fundraising by staff at The International Stock Exchange (TISE).

Activities including cake sales, meat draws, raffles, games nights, sporting challenges and the Credit Suisse-led Hel(l)vetia Challenge led to more than £2,200 being raised for TISE’s charity of choice in 2018, Guernsey Mind.

Guernsey Mind plans to use the funds to produce a new Pathfinder booklet, which will be distributed to the community later this year, as well as towards training a local Mindfulness Instructor.

Fiona Le Poidevin, CEO of The International Stock Exchange Group (TISEG), said: “Mental wellbeing is hugely important both in the workplace and in our wider daily lives and Guernsey Mind is playing an important role in improving support services, raising awareness and encouraging understanding of mental health issues.

“This reflected the fact that Guernsey Mind was not only chosen by staff as our charity of choice for 2018 but that there was so much enthusiasm to take part in activities which raised money for their work and we’re delighted that the proceeds are going towards resources which will benefit the whole community.”

The Pathfinder booklet is an introduction to practical mental health skills that can be used by individuals to support their own mental wellbeing. These skills include Decider Skills, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Growth Mindset, the Outcomes Star and Self-Care. The booklet will include details of how to access local providers and online resources to help develop the skills more fully.

Funding the training of a local Mindfulness Instructor will enable the charity to extend its social prescribing arm for those who can’t afford to pay for private courses.

Emily Litten, Director of Guernsey Mind, said: “I’d like to offer a huge ‘thank you’ to the staff at TISE for all their efforts in raising these funds. It’s great timing to receive this news at the start of the year as we are still in the process of producing the Pathfinder booklet. It gives us a fantastic boost as we move forward with finalising the booklet, which will be a hugely practical tool for the whole community, while also enhancing the resources we have available to reach out to those who can’t afford private courses.”

In addition, through supporting the charity, TISE staff have also benefitted personally from Guernsey Mind’s awareness training and some members of staff are signed up for the 2019 Mental Health First Aid course run by Guernsey Mind.

TISE has also been working in a similar way with Mind Jersey.