Guernsey Chamber of Commerce member 7day(s)elfstore has come up with a simple but effective way to hide those prezzies away from prying eyes.

From just 99p A DAY you can rent a unit from 7dayselfstore (that’s actually the company’s name) that’s ideal for keeping gifts hidden until Christmas – and access it 24/7.

And you can make it even more cost-effective by sharing with colleagues, friends and family when it comes to renting a unit.

Based on a 15sq ft storage unit, if there’s 4 of you say that works out at under 25p A DAY – a worthwhile investment to keep Christmas special!

You can access your unit at 7dayselfstore any time you want with keycode access. The facility is clean, modern and dry.

There’s also plenty of car parking at the self storage business, which is on the Pitronnerie Road industrial estate behind Target Tyres and by Sidlocks, in St Peter Port.

And there’s even a wrapping station – all you need to do is bring paper.


Of course, 7dayselfstore would love you to stay longer but if you only want the unit for a few weeks until the big day, that’s fine.

For more info ho ho mation, call 7dayselfstore on 01481 727151 or on 07781 151777 or pop in.