Here at Crowd Media, we end up taking hundreds of images of the island for our various projects and clients. It’s great fun – and a privilege – to be able to showcase our island in such a creative way.

We have been experimenting with our photography – heading out around the island with our DSLRs, and usually ending up with many unique and high resolution images of beautiful Guernsey. So we thought…

“Why not share them?”

Inspired by Unsplash, we’ve created a Tumblr page where anybody can visit and grab the very best of our favourite images. Totally free, and totally available for whatever you might need them for.

We decided that it wouldn’t just be a site for nice pictures; it’s a community, where if you had a great high-res image of the island that you’d just love to share…we’d be happy to!

With 10 new photos every 10 days, we’re excited to be working on something that works as both a useful resource, and a brilliant exposé of the island.

Come visit us, download any images, and even submit your own over at:

All images CC0