Paul French, Director of Data & Analytics at First Central Summit

The Student Summit, part of the Digital Innovator Programme powered by First Central, took place this week at The Digital Greenhouse, the first in a series of two events being undertaken, with the Hackathon taking place in July.

The Student Summit, created as a way for post-16 students to step into the forefront of innovation, featured speakers from University College London and First Central.

The first session was kickstarted by Professor Manolis Mavrikis, professor of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Education at University College London, who took the students through how AI is reshaping education and what this means for future careers.

First Central’s Director of Data and Analytics, Paul French, lead the second session. He discussed the steps that students can take to kick start a career in data analytics, shared some of his top tips about how to get started in a career, as well as what his career path has looked like so far. He also touched on what digital roles might look like in the future, as well as the opportunities available for school-leavers at First Central.

Professor Dan Brown, Entrepreneur in Residence at University College London ended the Summit by speaking about how AI is changing the job landscape and what this means for the future of work.

Paul French, First Central’s Director of Data and Analytics said: “I was very excited to be asked to speak at the Student Summit. It was a great event, created with the aim to help lessen the digital skills gap, and supply students with the skills needed for a career in the digital sector.

“By introducing this new event in the Digital Innovator Programme, we are able to enhance the students’ learning further, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Digital Greenhouse on this great student programme.”

Ben Wratten, Programme and Engagement Manager at Digital Greenhouse said: “The Digital Innovators Programme has evolved immensely since it launched 6 years ago, the Student Summit event is a new addition to the programme. It was a great opportunity to bring together local students, University College London, and First Central Group for an inspiring discussion on AI and its impact on the future. We are thankful to First Central for their continued support enabling the Digital Innovators Programme to take place.

The second event in the series; The Hackathon, is taking place on 3 July, will see students being matched with mentors to work through applying new technologies to solve real world problems.