Marbral Advisory and We Talk Wellbeing have released the first ever Channel Islands’ Wellbeing Report. The report provides a platform of data-driven insights into wellbeing at work across Jersey and Guernsey for the Professional Services sector.

A data-driven survey provided the backbone of statistics for the report. The survey was completed by 691 individuals across the CI. It consisted of 95 questions based on 3 areas – Self, Team and Organisation. Interviews were also conducted with industry and wellbeing leaders and the research analysed to produce the Channel Islands’ first Wellbeing Report.

Findings of the research show that the current status of wellbeing in the Professional Services sector in the CI is not ideal. Although there were numerous examples of individual good practice, employees within the sample were moderately stressed and overall they were not as happy as their peers in comparison to research populations around the world (Subjective Happiness Scale – general population data). This, correlated with moderate lifestyle and lack of work-life balance scores, has the potential to risk greater impact to overall wellbeing if left without intervention.

Whilst this research report highlights areas of positive behaviours and intentions, it also shows that organisations within the CI Professional Services sector have improvements to make in fully developing inclusive wellbeing strategies. The sample ranked their wellbeing with ‘Team’ performing best, then ‘Self‘, and ‘Organisational’ wellbeing scoring the least.

The CI Wellbeing Report research was led by Dr Glenda Rivoallan (Wellbeing and Resilience expert) from We Talk Wellbeing and Jenny Winspear (MA Organisational Psychology) from Change Management Consultancy, Marbral Advisory. They were supported by Kenny Manson (We Talk Wellbeing), Leonie McCrann and Natasha Egré (Marbral Advisory).

Dr Glenda Rivoallan, Founder and CEO, We Talk Wellbeing, said: “The Report has provided us with vital data that can be used by all companies and organisations to improve corporate wellbeing. We hope our research will help organisations to shape their strategy with people at the centre, through developing a deeper understanding of wellbeing requirements and aspirations in this emerging new working world.”

Jenny Winspear, Consultant and Product Lead, Marbral Advisory, said: “Organisations that are ‘well’ perform better and there is extensive research correlating positive wellbeing with high performing organisations. If the Channel Islands are to keep up with the UK and other jurisdictions in sourcing and retaining talent, focusing on wellbeing cannot be overlooked.”

The report can be viewed in its entirety here: or here: Businesses and individuals wanting to find out more about the research can email Dr Glenda Rivoallan: or Jenny Winspear: