Swoffers have recently introduced a new initiative called Swoffers First designed to help first time buyers and boost the property market.

Swoffers have teamed up with SPF Private Clients to simplify the process of buying your first home and bring you the latest first-time buyer properties.

There is now a dedicated website called Swoffers First which provides information on buying your first home and lists a selection of suitable properties with the rate per month and deposit % alongside for a typical mortgage.

Swoffers launched the initiative to help their customers who do not know how much they need for a deposit or they think they will never be able to save for one, putting them off looking for a first home. Swoffers First, working with SPF, will show first time buyers there are options out there, such as 10% deposits or even 100% mortgages. SPF will even provide them with an illustrated, personal guide to their mortgage options and what they can afford.

Swoffers First, by showing monthly repayment costs and mortgage calculations, will make it much easier to understand what properties would suit each individual best within their budget.

For more information visit Swoffers First.