TV lexicographer and personality Susie Dent’s Guernsey Literary Festival event has been rescheduled for Sunday 30 July at Beau Sejour.

Susie, who had to pull out of her planned sell-out event in May for family reasons, has been keen to come to Guernsey to talk about her latest book,   An Emotional Dictionary – Real Words for How we Feel, from Angst to Zwodder.

The book looks at some of the real –and rarely used – words that can pinpoint exactly how we feel, words such as Curglaff (the shock of jumping into icy water)  or Groaking (longing for the food that someone else is eating).

There are many more and Susie, the queen of Countdown’s Dictionary Corner, is on a mission to uncover them.

The event will take place at Beau Sejour from 3-4pm on Sunday 30 July and Susie will be interviewed by Hannah MacInnes. Everyone who booked tickets for the previous event on 13 May will be allocated seats to attend the rescheduled event and details will be sent to them via email. Refunds will be available for those unable to attend, and these tickets will go up for sale at a later date.

For more ticket enquiries, email or phone 07781 14 35 45.