Startup Guernsey clients shortlisted for Business Academy

Bailiwick Publishing launched its Business Academy competition last year – an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their start-ups off the ground with professional help.  The academy is supported by Startup Guernsey, Carey Olsen, Jersey Business, Orchid, Envestors, Regus, Sancus, Natwest and Waves.

The longlist of applications has now been streamlined to four businesses, who will pitch face to face to a pan-island group of experienced investors on Monday, 5th March in Jersey. These investors include Aaron Chatterley (Founder of Feel Unique), Simon Perree, (Founder of and Zef Eisenberg (Founder of sport food brand Maximuscle).  The winner is guaranteed mentoring – £10,000 worth of advertising in Bailiwick Express, £5,000 worth of advice from Orchid and six month’s free office space from Regis. Plus the judges have the right to offer investment to any of the 4 companies.

The two shortlisted Startup Guernsey clients include James Le Gallez from Haut Maison and Michelle Ayres and Carol Vivyan from the Decider.

James Le Gallez turned his hobby in cocktail making into a mobile bar business – Aperitif five year ago. In 2017, he acquired Haut Maison, a boutique Guernsey based liqueur producer and he now looking to expand his liquor business nationally and internationally. He said:

“I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to be able to showcase my business to a range of experienced business men & women, as I continue to push the business forward into other jurisdictions”.

Michelle Ayres and Carol Vivyan from the Decider are two friends and former nurses, who later trained in psychotherapy together. They started their entrepreneurial journey when they were asked by Guernsey’s health service to help create a programme for people with impulsivity issues. They came up with the 32-piece “emotional toolkit” to manage mental health and it quickly took off and The Decider was born. They produce teaching packs for schools and are looking to develop a video to enhance their skills pack. They said:

“Improving the mental health of children and young people is our shared vision and passion. We are delighted to have been shortlisted by Business Academy and are so grateful for the support of Startup Guernsey.”

Jennifer Strachan from Startup Guernsey said:

“Our team has worked closely with both Guernsey semi-finalists to help them better define their financials and their pitch and now we wish them every success in the Business Academy competition.  We are very impressed by their exciting plans for development and proud of their achievements to date.  Both Haut Maison and The Decider are among many companies we help to grow to their next stage with our individualised advisory service and, whatever the outcome, we look forward to seeing their business grow and prosper in the months and years to come.”