As Chamber members you all know the importance of networking, you strive to connect with like-minded people who want to experience and talk about the same things, build connections or having conversations to grow your network for the benefit of your business.

But sometimes networking events don’t go the way you want them to, you get caught in a conversation that you are struggling to find a way out of, that’s eating up valuable networking time,  or even worse, you arrive at the event and find it hard to break into the groups that have already formed.

Speed Buzzing takes networking to a new level, by maximising the connection opportunities and minimising the time taken. Based on the speed dating format you have two minutes to connect with up to 20 contacts, all in the room, everybody gets a chance to speak to all the other Speed Buzzers, and because you only have 2 minutes, you get to give your message, quickly and succinctly without the small talk.

Of course, if you do find someone you want to speak to in greater detail we have time for more networking at the end of the Speed Buzzing section.

Our events feature a cross section of the business community from various industries, attendance isn’t limited to one industry and you find that although you don’t connect directly with one person, You never know whom it is that your new connection knows; he or she could provide you with future referrals. Most importantly, you may be connecting with someone who becomes a member of your tribe and helps your business to grow.

So don’t be shy, unleash the bee in you and get buzzing.

As a special offer for all Guernsey Chamber members The Busy Guernsey Bee are offering a 50% discount on any Speed Buzzing booking in 2016 – simply click here to take advantage of this offer.

Don’t be afraid, we will give you the tips and tricks to become more confident and turn Speed Buzzing into a recipe for success and no doubt will get you buzzing:

  • maximum of 20 attendees
  • 15 minutes: intro, networking tips and tricks
  • 60 minutes: Speed Buzzing, you have 2 minutes each to introduce yourself then you move on
  • full list of attendees
  • one complimentary drink
  • £15 per person (50% discount for chamber members – click here to book)

Use Speed Buzzing to grow your network cross-islands, check out all the details on our event page or email us for more information.