Unquestionably, this has been the most extraordinary year.

Having had to face up to changes which where thrust upon us and adapt to it without question has been a huge burden for our community to bear. The uncertainty of health and job security, and of concerns over the continuation of food supply. The hardship of being isolated away from loved ones and coping with working from home, and especially for those who were daily in the front line to ensure the island functioned.

But the good people of Guernsey have excelled in the face of adversity and we have weathered the storm so far.

Wouldn’t it be nice for you as an employer to show your staff how valued they are and help the local economy at the same time.

Maiiro is a Guernsey company that produces luxury high end beauty products. Our range is already well known on the island, and also Internationally, where we have won several Global beauty awards.
We have been featured in Vogue, Tatler, The Times, The Guardian and many more trade magazines.

I can offer you as an employer, an amazing opportunity at a greatly reduced price, the chance to spoil your staff with a small luxury “Thank you” Christmas gift.

Chose from our Organic Lip Salve in a pop end Dior styled aluminium container
Our Organic & Vegan Soap for women or for men’s grooming (because of it antiviral & antibacterial properties its great to shave with) which comes in a beautiful recyclable gift box.

Or if you really want to express your gratitude you can choose from our Anti-Ageing or Anti-Blemish creams. All items come beautifully gift boxed.
Please contact me at Sales@maiiro.com for prices or if you want more information.

Keep it local.