RESOLUTION IT’s newly qualified General Data Protection Regulation Data Practitioner, James Kelsh, is now assisting local businesses to navigate their way through Guernsey’s new EU-compliant legislation.

This follows his successful completion of a tailor-made GDPR qualification through the GTA University Centre which included a foundation course, followed by a four-day course and exam assessment.

As a result, James is now fully qualified to audit companies using techniques such as gap analysis assessments and data mapping then, if needed, deploying data protection impact analysis tools.

Resolution IT’s joint managing director, Olly Duquemin, said that while there are up to 50 people similarly qualified locally, the vast majority are most likely to be employed in-house.

In contrast, Resolution IT’s latest professional qualification means it is able to provide support and guidance for SMEs that cannot justify employing their own experts but still need to be GDPR-compliant.

‘Large companies are able to dedicate resources through training their own staff to handle GDPR but many smaller businesses cannot justify employing one of their own as a Practitioner.’

‘It is vital that everyone is aware of how to comply with the May 2018 deadline and the work we are doing demonstrates the need for all organisations to access this skill,’ he added.

The new legislation provides greater rights for individuals over their personal data, plus greater transparency and accountability from organisations and is backed by strong regulatory powers which include fines based on company turnover.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in May 2018 and applies to all companies worldwide that process the personal data of EU citizens. The Channel Islands must have similarly robust legislation if they are to maintain adequacy and ensure continued access to the EU single market, considered crucial for Guernsey’s economy.