A LOCAL student has gained the opportunity of a successful career in the digital economy thanks to a leading Guernsey specialist IT company.

Jake Marshall, aged 18, has been awarded Resolution IT’s first bursary, which will take him to Birmingham’s Aston University where he will study for a BSc in IT Management for Business (ITBM).

The employer-designed course is tailored to provide a mix of the business, technical, project-management and interpersonal skills most in demand by graduate recruiters.

Elizabeth College student Jake, who has just celebrated getting three good A level grades, said the Resolution IT bursary meant he was now able to pursue studies that could lead to a career in banking, marketing, IT management or technology consultancy.

‘I’m really pleased they selected me from the other applicants for their first bursary award,’ he said. ‘Their support will be invaluable over the next three years.’

Pierre Jehan, Client Services Director, said it was important for Resolution IT to invest in local talent and they were delighted they had been able to match Jake’s ability and interest with a course tailored to address gaps in the relevant expertise in the island.

‘The Resolution IT Bursary is very much a community-driven exercise by us to try to encourage students into IT and into the areas where there are Guernsey skill shortages,’ he said.

‘The course he has chosen is an excellent, all-round one very much in line with the island’s needs and will also help him to develop his own interpersonal abilities, which are so important at this level of client-facing IT.’

The award means Jake receives a laptop and a £1,500 annual grant during his degree course, paid work at Resolution IT during university holidays and the potential for full time employment at the end of those studies.

Mr Jehan stressed, however, that the award was a ‘no ties’ bursary, which meant that Jake was free to pursue his career as he saw fit after he obtained his ITBM degree.

Mr Jehan thanked Sarah Stonebridge, Careers Guernsey’s Head of Careers, for her help in assisting Resolution IT to set up the bursary scheme and then promote it in island schools and with island pupils.

Ms Stonebridge said she was delighted that the bursary had been made available and that such an appropriate course had been chosen.

‘Our work with employers is essential if we are to ensure that young people, parents and schools are provided with reliable and timely careers information to support effective career decisions and preparation for the world of work,’ she said.