As more and more companies digitally transform, Resolution IT has appointed a modern workplace specialist who will be teaching users to really understand and get maximum value from the new technologies.

Tonia Meakin has joined Resolution IT from the UK where she has over a decade of experience across a number of roles in the IT industry. As an Adoption & Change Specialist for Resolution IT, she is organising a range of workshops and training sessions, both in-house and at client’s offices, all designed to give users deeper understanding of all things digital.

She said ‘Companies are sometimes guilty of providing technology but not effectively teaching the users how to use it correctly; in turn the business suffers and sometimes projects fail completely because of it. With technologies emerging and being adopted at such a rapid rate, it’s absolutely vital that staff really know how to use them. Only with a full understanding of how they work, can businesses harness the massive increase in efficiencies and productivity these exciting technologies are capable of. Knowledge really is power.’

Pierre Jehan, Resolution IT’s Client Services Director, who heads up the company’s Digital Transformation team said: ‘With the current skills shortage on the Island and the increasing amount of businesses committed to digital transformation, we realised we should not only be providing the technology solutions but almost more importantly, showing people how to use technology correctly so they can get the maximum value from their investment.

‘Tonia has a great ability to make the understanding of technology accessible to all and we’re really pleased she’s brought her modern workplace expertise to Guernsey.’