Event Services have been supplying public address caravans and other site equipment to event organisers for over 40 years and have become expert at knowing where to direct the speakers to get the best coverage, whether it be along the seafront on a busy Liberation day or at Saumarez Park for one of the many summer events held there. Public address caravans have many uses, firstly they are used to tell people when and where the punch and Judy man can be found, where you can get a hot dog and a drink and importantly the announcer can tell the worried parent that their child is indeed safe and well and at the PA caravan chewing on a toffee apple!
Importantly for the event organiser they can be used to increase the revenue of an event. People love to support charities, its just part of that feel good factor when you get to spend time with family and friends while doing something useful for an organization that’s raising funds for it’s latest project, which is where the Public address caravan comes into it’s own. In the hands of a skilled MC it can be used to direct people to the bottle, cake, bric a brac and raffle stall generating much needed funds for the organisers.
So, if your putting on an event contact Event Services on 711717 or email hire@eventgroup.gg to find out more.