The Guernsey Institute has launched a new website to help share progress on how it is working toward achieving its objective of igniting the power of skills within the community.

The Guernsey Institute has been on a journey for some years now to become a place which serves the Bailiwick by teaching future employees the skills that local businesses need. By doing so it will empower the future economy of Guernsey; ensuring that we have the skills and know-how on island to fuel our future workforce.

Since the inception of the organisation, senior leaders in The Guernsey Institute have worked hard to begin the process of integration between the Guernsey College of FE, the GTA University Centre and the Institute of Health & Social Care Studies. They have engaged with all parts of the local community, and are working towards the development of a new, purpose built, TGI building, which will be a key part of the post-16 campus.

As the organisation continues to make progress, updates will be shared on the new TGI site.

Jacki Hughes, Executive Principal of The Guernsey Institute, said:

“Imagine a place where education is tailored to the specific needs of the local community, where academic excellence and professional development blend seamlessly to create a learning environment that empowers individuals, fuels economic growth, and fosters social progress. This is the vision of The Guernsey Institute, an ambitious and dynamic institution that is revolutionising the way we approach education in Guernsey.

“As The Guernsey Institute unites three independent organisations into one cohesive unit, it is harnessing the collective strength and expertise of these diverse institutions to build a more resilient and responsive education system. This transformative merger is not without its challenges, but the shared commitment to nurturing technical, vocational, and professional skills transcends any obstacles faced along the way.

“Central to The Guernsey Institute’s success is its ‘solution-focused’ approach and strong collaboration with local employers and stakeholders. The co-constructed curriculum ensures that the educational offerings are aligned with the evolving needs of the Guernsey economy, making the institute an essential catalyst for sustainable growth and prosperity.”

Nick Hynes, Director of Education, said:

“The Guernsey Institute continues to take some key steps on its journey of coming together. It has achieved so much already through its work to integrate in recent years, and I know that Jacki and her team are also working to expand the apprenticeship programmes and launch additional Higher Education courses to ensure Guernsey learners have access to the qualifications and skills they need. The Guernsey Institute is an ambitious project, but it is one that will ensure learners who embark on professional, vocational or technical qualifications can achieve their potential as part of an organisation that both caters to their needs, but also the needs of the island’s economy.