Event Services and Plant Limited have a selection of Cherry pickers that can access areas up to 27 meters high and are available to hire for all those maintenance jobs that need to be completed throughout the year for both Business and private sectors.

At first glance Cherry pickers may seem like an expensive option when you are looking to clean gutters etc, but the reality is that the reach on the cherry picker can mean that a job that would normally take two men with a ladder all day to finish can be completed in a couple of hours and importantly is a lot safer than working from a ladder as the operator works using a harness that is attached to the basket.

The cost of cherry picker hires is based on an hourly rate and should you need extra information on a task, for a small fee we are happy to do a site visit to ensure that we have good access and can reach the area to be worked on. Then we can provide clients with an estimate which includes travel and setting up time as well as the approximate time required to complete the task.

All of our operators are licensed (MEWPS) and our cherry picker fleet is checked and certified by an independent industry professional on a regular basis to ensure that they have been maintained to the required standard.

If you would like to find out more about our cherry pickers please contact us on 711717 or email admin@eventgroup.gg

Currently we are operating under the guidance of our Covid-19 management plan and may not be able to undertake some work because of this.