The Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) have published ‘The Feel-Good Guide to Data Protection’.

This guide is for those of you who are new to data protection and want an easy and enjoyable introduction that will help you get your organisation/business up to speed, and inform/empower you as a citizen.

It has been written to help you engage with data protection in a positive way, to see:

+ its value to individuals,
+ its benefits to business, and
+ its place in human society.

In the guide you will discover that data protection boils down to treating people well.

The Feel-Good Guide to Data Protection covers:
1. Background: What ‘personal data’ is (and is not).
2. Background: What ‘processing’ personal data means.
3. What the aim of data protection is.
4. Why you should care about protecting people’s data.
5. What your organisation/business’ duties are under local data protection law.
6. How to get started on bringing your activities in-line with the Law.
7. How your organisation/business benefits from protecting the personal data in its care.
8. Where to get advice, support and guidance.

DOWNLOAD: The Feel-Good Guide to Data Protection at