The Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) has released details of its series of events designed to raise awareness of citizens’ rights and improve compliance within their regulated community. The first event, to be held on 10 July, will focus on The Seven Data Protection Principles.

This follows a month-long public and industry consultation earlier this year which gathered feedback on the scope and format of the programme. The 2019 season of events will cover a range of topics including data protection in the workplace, data protection in healthcare, human error versus technology, and data ethics.

Emma Martins, Guernsey’s Data Protection Commissioner, confirmed that building public awareness is a key part of the ODPA’s statutory role and detailed how consulting with the public and industry has helped shape this aspect of the ODPA’s role.

‘Building awareness of citizens’ rights, and promoting awareness within our regulated community of their legal duties is a statutory obligation for us. When we outlined our proposed events plan in our consultation exercise in April 2019, we received really useful feedback. We then looked very closely at the range of things we could do to deliver this part of our role well. The result is what we’re calling ‘season one’ of our events programme. During season one, we will also announce details of an ambitious new initiative, called Project Blue Tit, which will explore working with people to create cultural change in their approach to data protection.’

The ODPA’s events programme’s aim is to initiate positive cultural change through being accessible to local organisations and citizens of all ages, improving compliance by building awareness of topical issues in data protection, encouraging innovation and excellence in data protection practices, exploring official guidance with the regulated community and gathering feedback from local industry and individuals. A series of events will be held each year, with continuous feedback and improvement built in.

The first of the free one hour sessions, The Seven Data Protection Principles, starts on 10 July at midday and the programme continues through to the end of 2019 at the ODPA’s offices in Le Bordage.

More details of each event and how to register can be found at