A new partnership between two of Guernsey’s most successful professional services providers is   set to create an all-inclusive offering for transformational change and technical IT expertise for local businesses.

The Evolution Group and Resolution IT’s strategic partnership will see two businesses from different but complementary sectors of the professional services industry, combining their expertise, to offer clientsaccess to seamless change management programmes, with IT solutions fully integrated and costed from the planning stage.

‘We’re delighted to be joining forces with Resolution IT’, says The Evolution Group’s CEO and Founding Partner,  Matthew Warren. ‘They’re a highly regarded provider of innovative IT solutions and services and wefeel their expertise complements our transformational change work.’

‘Clients often find that the transformational process their business is going through would also benefit from IT support, so by creating a strategic partnership we’ll be better positioned  to offer a package that also includes the best IT support possible. It will also save clients the hassle of going through the process of sourcing twoseparate providers.’

Olly Duquemin, Resolution IT’s CEO said ‘Often, when businesses embark on a change management project, the IT changes required are not always integrated from the start. IT is not a bolt-on to a project but an integral part of any transformation programme and should form part of the initial planning stages.

‘The Evolution Group, like us, are passionate about providing dynamic and responsive business solutions to today’s fast-paced corporate environment. We’re both focused on delivering value to our clients, making them more business efficient, agile and competitive.’