GUERNSEY – Duforest AI, the foremost leader in AI education, strategy, and innovation, proudly announces the availability of a ground-breaking range of custom Chatbot solutions, developed to harness the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within businesses.

This new range aims to revolutionise customer support and guide users effortlessly towards the suitable products and services, thereby providing a competitive edge to businesses and delivering a substantial return on their investment.

“As part of our commitment to AI Mastery through education, strategy, and innovation, we’ve developed this range of custom Chatbot solutions that push the boundaries of conventional customer interaction,” says Simon Kirkpatrick a Director of Duforest AI. “Our Chatbot solutions blend robust technology and deep learning to create interactions that are both engaging and intuitive, enhancing overall customer experience.”

Duforest AI’s unique Chatbot solutions come in four versions – ‘Chatbot WP’, ‘Chatbot WP+’, ‘Chatbot Pro’, and ‘Chatbot Pro+’. Each iteration is incremental, boasting improved capabilities over its predecessor, with the top model, ‘Chatbot Pro+’ integrating seamlessly with a client’s existing web applications.

The Chatbots are powered by state-of-the-art technology using AI Engine, Botpress, Stack AI, and Zapier flows. When needed, IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow and Vertex, Microsoft Bot and Azure, and Amazon Lex and Bedrock are also utilised.

Duforest AI recently showcased the superior capabilities of ‘Chatbot Pro+’ with a multi-lingual patient triage and booking system developed for a renowned healthcare provider.

As Duforest AI moves forward, they continue to refine and expand their AI capabilities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of AI innovation, education, and strategy.

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About Duforest AI
As pioneers in AI education, strategy, and innovation, Duforest AI focuses on the application of AI within business. They strive to deliver a competitive edge and ensure a substantial return on investment for clients.

Simon Kirkpatrick, Founder, Duforest AI

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