Shelaine Green steps down after seven years

Members of the Guernsey Disability Alliance elected a new Chair and Vice-Chair of their Executive Committee at their Annual General Meeting on 6 July.

Business development professional, Robin Le Prevost, takes over as Chair from Shelaine Green. Shelaine will remain on the committee as Social Policy Adviser.

Arrun Wilkie, who was States’ Champion for Disabled People from 2014-2016, has been elected as Vice-Chair.

The Guernsey Disability Alliance brings together individual disabled islanders, their family members and more than 38 local disability charities to achieve equality of opportunity for disabled islanders and carers. The GDA was instrumental in the creation of the States Disability and Inclusion Strategy and now campaigns for its implementation.

Robin Le Prevost said: “I have a strong belief in fairness and am keen to see Guernsey strengthen its legislation against discrimination. The GDA sparked my interest with its impressive #MakeItReal campaign during the election and I’m determined to use my business skills and experience to help achieve its goals. The organisation already has an excellent Executive Director in Karen Blanchford so my role is to lead and develop the GDA committee to make sure she has all the support she needs.”

Arrun Wilkie said: “Being Disability Champion was one of the most rewarding parts of my time as a States deputy so I am delighted to be able to continue to support islanders with disabilities and their families by joining the GDA committee as Vice-Chair. I’ve been deeply involved with a number of the big social policy projects that the GDA wants to see implemented, including the Disability and Inclusion Strategy, so I can hit the ground running.”

Shelaine Green took over as Chair from the GDA’s founder, Rob Platts, in 2009. The election of new leadership is part of the GDA’s Five-Year Plan to ensure its campaigning work continues in the long term.

Shelaine said: “The last seven years have been both hugely rewarding and hugely frustrating in equal measure. Throughout, I have drawn my energy and inspiration from GDA members and the stories of the barriers they face, and overcome, every day. I am proud to have worked with Rob Platts and Dave Purdy and many others to ensure that, while Guernsey may be struggling to work out how to bring down those barriers, it can no longer say it doesn’t know they exist. I look forward to supporting Robin, Arrun, Karen and everyone involved with the GDA as they find new ways to ensure that the voices of disabled islanders and carers are heard.”