We may be in lockdown but that hasn’t stopped us expanding our range of AV kit. Top of the line TOA digital radio, lapel and headset microphones have been added to our stock as well as more light weight staging and backdrops. These are not the only editions to our hire offering and all of the new stock can now be viewed as either a pdf or e brochure on our website www.eventgroup.gg.

The 2020 brochure has carried on where the 2019 brochure left off, with the majority of items in the brochure having prices attached to them, which we think makes it easier for any client working to a budget or looking to get an indication of the *potential cost of an event can do so.

With over 2000 stock items available not everything can go in the brochure so we recommend that you give Shaun a call on 711717 or email hire@eventgroup.gg for more information.

*Delivery and labour charges vary based on what service the client wants us to supply.