Aspiring young musicians in Guernsey can now apply for a bursary to help support them in their studies at music college or university. While students going off island to study subjects that would prepare them for careers in business have several bursary opportunities available to them, there are currently none for musicians who are seeking to build a career as professional instrumentalists or singers. Although The States of Guernsey does offer support to families below certain income thresholds, many on modest incomes do not qualify for such support.

The Guernsey Music Bursary (GMB) has been formed to fill this gap. As is well known, Guernsey punches well above its weight in developing young musicians and this first step onto the professional ladder is a crucial one. In addition to offering some financial support, to assist with the purchase of instruments, scores, and other essentials for their courses, the bursary will provide support in the form of mentoring while they are studying and making appropriate introductions that will assist them in furthering their careers once they have graduated.

GMB has been set up with independent directors and has been registered as a charity (Reg. No.CH673). Initial capital has been raised from a number of generous donors, enabling us to invite applications from students who have been provisionally accepted on courses starting in September/October 2022, as well as from students who are already in the course of their studies. Applicants will be assessed on a number of criteria, including their musical experience, aspirations and their contribution to the music scene in Guernsey.

Bursaries will be awarded at a level of up to £2,500 per annum and their number will depend on both the quality of the applications and on the level of donations received. As most courses last for four years, the potential commitment to each recipient could amount to up to £10,000. In order not to disappoint well qualified applicants, we are therefore seeking donations both to attract funds to meet the initial bursary payments and to build up the charity’s reserves to cover the commitment being made for payments in future years. We are inviting donations from any individual, trust, corporation or other entity that is interested in helping to strengthen even further the island’s strong musical heritage by supporting Guernsey’s leading musicians of the future.

Although there will be no requirement to do so, bursary recipients will be encouraged to return to the island to give occasional recitals both during their course and upon graduation.

Application Forms for the Bursary may be obtained by emailing

Registered Charity Number CH673 (Guernsey).