The IoD Guernsey Next Gen Forum has launched a series of workshops focusing on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

The four-event series will feature various industry-leading speakers, addressing a range of topics aimed at demystifying AI, highlighting both the opportunities and risks associated with the technology, managing change effectively, and offering practical guidance to prepare your business for AI adoption. The series aims to equip Guernsey’s current and future directors with practical knowledge about the scope and use cases of GenAI, assisting local organisations in identifying and safely capitalising on the opportunities it presents.

Euan Melrose, a member of the IoD Next Gen Committee involved in the event planning, said, ‘AI is still unfamiliar to many organisations. This new technology appears to have entered the mainstream only 18 months ago, and many individuals are still uncertain about how to incorporate it into their work lives.

The first event will take place from 8:00 am to 9:30 am on Tuesday, 19th March at C5 Alliance and will welcome Andre Duquemin, Founder at Three Brain Training, Ethan Tattersall, Senior Consultant at C5 Alliance, and David Scott, Principal Consultant at C5 Alliance. They will provide attendees with a foundational understanding of Artificial Intelligence and GenAI as a subset, as well as insights into market trends and the likely trajectory of the technology. The event will guide attendees on techniques to manage the uncertainty and concerns that may arise in workforces due to the introduction of AI.

At the IoD Guernsey’s 2023 Mid-Term event, which explored what AI would mean for businesses and directors, only 28% reported that their board was discussing AI as part of their business strategy. With developments in the sector being announced on almost a daily basis, the IoD Next Gen Forum committee wants today’s managers to feel prepared and equipped to raise AI on their organisation’s agenda.

Euan continued: ‘There’s no doubt that local and international businesses will be operating in very different ways in two, five- and ten-years’ time thanks to AI. This means organisations and boards need to be including this in their strategy planning and ensuring tomorrow’s directors, who will lead these AI impacted organisations, are part of the conversations.’

The workshops are free to IoD members and £15 for non-members. Places for each event will be limited, sign up to the first event here: Demystifying AI – What is (Gen)AI and how does it impact me?