Intertrust in Guernsey has been recognised at an awards ceremony for its commitment to workplace wellbeing.

74 organisations from across the UK took part in Mind’s second annual Workplace Wellbeing Index and Intertrust in Guernsey was recognised with Gold Award which shows it is committed to achieving excellence within their workplace.

Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of best policy and practice, celebrating the good work employers are doing to promote and support positive mental health, and providing key recommendations on the specific areas where there is room to improve.

The awards ceremony took place at the British Medical Association House in London and was hosted by Mind Ambassador, Alastair Campbell.

Mr Campbell is best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy and he has written and talked extensively about his own experiences of depression.

Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees and valuing and supporting them means they are far more likely to perform better and achieve peak performance.

Mind surveyed nearly 45,000 employees across the 74 employers participating in the Index, and found that roughly three in five said their mental health was good or very good (58%), while 13% of respondents said that their mental health was currently poor or very poor.

Of those who said their mental health was poor, 82% said that this was work-related either due solely to problems at work, or a combination of problems at work and outside of work. So it’s clear that the workplace can have a huge impact on our mental health.

Paul Schreibke, managing director of Intertrust in Guernsey, said: “We have successfully embedded mental health into our policies and practices, utilising a variety of best practice approaches and demonstrating a long-term, in-depth commitment to employee mental health.

“We believe that a happy and healthy work force is of utmost important to the business and we are proud to have been awarded gold in the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Awards.”

Emma Mamo, head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, said: “Employers are increasingly acknowledging the importance of tackling stress and supporting the mental wellbeing of the entire workforce, including employees that might be struggling with their mental health. We’re pleased to recognise and celebrate employers making mental health a priority for their organisation through our Workplace Wellbeing Index.

“This year we’ve been overwhelmed to see so much good practice right across the board, from each and every one of the 74 diverse employers that took part. The Awards event provided an opportunity to recognise those forward-thinking employers who are at the cutting edge when it comes to investing in their staff’s wellbeing, and in turn getting the best outcomes for their business.”