With over 60 years’ varied recruitment experience amongst their qualified Consultants and knowledge of a huge range of salaries being paid to candidates and offered by companies in today’s employment market, Situations is delighted to launch the Guernsey Salary Guide located on their website –

Melissa Campbell, Director of Situations, explained “We are frequently asked by our client companies to provide benchmark salaries for their new and existing staff and advice on current market pay rates. We regularly advise clients of salary scales over the phone, by email and at meetings, where we can also provide a bespoke salary benchmarking service for their entire workforce. We decided to make life much easier for our clients by launching a definitive online Guernsey Salary Guide which they can subscribe to annually with their own logins and access any time they like.”

The Guernsey Salary Guide covers a huge range of job sectors in both the finance and commercial industries at every level from Trainee right up to MD. It also includes full details of standard benefits packages being offered in the finance and commercial sectors, as well as current temp pay rates and a link to Guernsey RPI for ease of reference. All of the salary bandings and benefit lists provided are reviewed by Situations Recruitment twice annually to ensure they are entirely up to date.

Melissa added: “We launched the Salary Guide in June and have already had a huge take-up from our clients. It has gone down very well with Guernsey employers who are finding the information very useful and easy to access.”

Situations’ website also provides a Salary Calculator, which is unique to Guernsey, where anyone can enter their gross annual, monthly, weekly or hourly salary and immediately find out a breakdown of their net earnings, tax and social security contributions. This is extremely useful when securing a new job or getting a pay rise, to find out exactly what that equates to “in your pocket” every week or month.