GUERNSEY Electricity and the Guernsey Occupational Safety Health and Association (GOSHA) are reminding islanders and especially those in the building industry to seek professional advice before engaging in any groundworks or building demolition via a free service.

‘DialB4 You Dig’ is a free online and telephone facility and enables on-island contractors to check for electricity cables and supplies at no charge and request that services are made safe prior to starting work.#

Angus McLellan, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Guernsey Electricity, confirmed the service should be viewed as both useful and valuable.

‘At best, cutting through or crushing a live electric cable can be inconvenient and costly. At its worst, a damaged cable can result in serious injury or even death, so this free service is designed to provide the best possible advice to anyone before they engage in any groundwork or demolition.’

Andrew Mills, Chairman of GOSHA, said the number of incidents involving cable strikes was increasing, so the need for contractors to check before initiating works was very important.

‘In 2017, 13 cable strikes were reported to Guernsey Electricity for investigation and this number rose to 23 last year, so the need for vigilance and pre-planning is becoming all the more important. We hope the service will be used more frequently as a result of this campaign,’ said Mr Mills.

The free service can provide support for works involving demolition of properties, sinking of boreholes, installing fence posts, stump grinding, excavations on public roads or pathways and digging on private properties.

For details, call 241915 or consult