The Guernsey Community Foundation has moved to new offices at King George V Playing Fields [KGV], joining three other charities to create the Island’s first charity hub.

The Foundation will be based on the top floor of KGV, in the new Perkins Suite, above Headway and alongside the Health Improvement Commission. The new Charities Support Centre – an offshoot of the Foundation – will also operate out of KGV.

Foundation Chief Executive Jim Roberts said that the Foundation had outgrown its old offices in the Bordage.

“Moving to KGV means that we can open a dedicated Charity Support Centre alongside our main office,” he said.

“We also have access to a board room and training space, and of course visitors will have somewhere to park. All in all it’s another big step forward in the Foundation being able to better serve and support local charities.”

Mr Roberts said he was looking forward to working alongside Headway and the Health Improvement Commission – and the Bailiwick Social Prescribing pilot, which forms part of the Commission.

“The Foundation has often made the case for the co-location of complementary services within the third sector, so by moving to KGV we’re putting our money where our mouth is,” he said.

Headway’s executive director Philippa Stahelin said: “We are delighted to be joined by the Community Foundation and welcome them to this great community hub. Over the years, Headway has benefited hugely from the philanthropic ventures of the Foundation, from strategic grants to training and strengthening inter-charity links. It will be nice to have them on the doorstep for advice and support.”

The Health Improvement Commission’s chief executive Dr Simon Sebire said: “Moving to KGV’s Perkins Suite has been very positive for the Commission, our identity and how we work day-to-day and we are looking forward to co-locating with the Guernsey Community Foundation, to share these benefits. The Foundation has been very supportive of the Commission during our formation and early expansion, and our common interests in social policy as a fundamental cornerstone of people’s health will hopefully lead to some interesting conversations.”

Melissa Mitchell leads on the Bailiwick Social Prescribing pilot, a new initiative due to launch early in 2021.

“The pandemic has shone a spotlight on our amazing community and the incredible work our voluntary sector does to support people when they need it most,” Mrs Mitchell said.

“Working in partnership with other charities and health professionals, Bailiwick Social Prescribing will broaden the ways that people can access practical local support to help them lead healthy lives.

“The Community Foundation collaborated closely with us during the project’s development, as well as providing essential financial support. Our team is delighted to join the Health Improvement Commission, located at the fantastic KGV where we are lucky to have two of our partners – the Foundation and Headway – as neighbours.”