Guernsey Arts is delighted to announce that it has published its PLAN FOR THE
ARTS, an overarching plan to 2030, including a more detailed plan to cover the initial
period to 2024, which has been endorsed by the Committee for Education, Sport &
Culture (ESC). The Plan builds upon the work of the Arts Strategy Working Group,
which presented its report in 2019.

Since then, the Guernsey Arts Board has been strengthened and revitalised and has
been developing its Plan in consultation with ESC and other stakeholders. Guernsey
Arts is grateful for the support that the Guernsey Community Foundation provided in
developing the Arts Strategy upon which the new Plan is based, and the support
provided by ESC.

Guernsey Arts is also appreciative of the financial support that the Guernsey
Community Foundation and the Social Investment Fund have contributed towards the
new strategy.

The Plan sets out Action Plans based upon six core objectives – the “Creative Six” –
which support several aspects of the Government Work Plan.

• Give leadership for the Arts and encourage participation at all levels
• Provide everyone with the opportunity to be creative
• Connect artists, arts organisations, and businesses
• Attract a wider audience for the Arts
• Improve facilities and resources for the Arts
• Secure increased and sustainable funding for the Arts

Guernsey Arts recognises the importance of the Arts in all its forms. Creativity leads
to a vibrant cultural community with many health and well-being benefits. It is an
economic enabler within Guernsey and beyond.

Stephen Ainsworth, the Chair of Guernsey Arts, commented “With its modest States
funding, together with private sector donations, Guernsey Arts has made a significant
contribution to the cultural life of the Bailiwick, including the visitor experience and in providing an attractive location for prospective residents. This Plan sets out not only what Guernsey Arts can achieve within its current resources but what more it intends to do given additional support.”

The full Plan for the Arts document and a brief overview has been published. This
can be downloaded from the Vision & Values Downloads section on the