Guernsey Electricity has received verification that the electricity it imported in 2020 from France is entirely from 100% renewable sources. The certificates have shown that 58% of this imported electricity was generated from hydro, 19% solar and 23% wind.

A year ago, the company made the switch to 100% renewable imports, which represents a significant step in transitioning the Island to a greener future. Guernsey Electricity has now received the Guarantees of Origin (GoO), showing in which region of France the electricity was produced over the past 12 months and whether it is solar, wind or hydroelectricity.

A GoO is an electronic certificate issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity that is generated from renewable sources. These indicate that since the switch, renewable energy from across France has been generated for Guernsey and injected into the European grid, to which the GJ1 subsea cable is connected. For example, solar from Normandy, wind energy from Paris and the Loire Valley and hydro from Brittany.

Alan Bates, chief executive officer of Guernsey Electricity, said: ‘We have always received certificates to provide us and our customers with assurance of the source of imported electricity. Last year, we switched these to ensure that the same amount of electricity we take from the European grid is generated purely from renewable sources.

‘The cable provided more than 93% of our electricity in 2020 and our on-Island, community solar PV arrays are also making a positive, low carbon contribution to our total energy needs.’

The remaining demand was topped up by both on-Island community solar PV arrays and the power station.

Mr Bates added: ‘We hope this provides Islanders with the confidence that the electricity they have been using is helping decarbonise our Island and protect our environment. The States’ Energy Policy made a commitment for Guernsey to become net zero by 2050 and this is another step in fully understanding how we are working towards this goal.’

Guernsey Electricity’s long-term strategy is for an energy system that supports renewables and reduces the reliance on fossil fuels which would see the power station deployed for emergency generation only. As directed by the Energy Policy, the company continues to plan for a second, direct cable link to France which will allow us to meet around 99% of Guernsey’s current and future electricity needs and will dramatically decarbonise our use of energy. The second cable also enables the development of local, community scale renewable technologies and electricity storage.

Link to animation – Where our imported electricity came from in 2020 – YouTube