The GTA University Centre is changing the way it recruits board members to ensure it is more broadly diverse and representative of all business sectors.

Previously, board members had been appointed as representatives of key stakeholders with independent members of the board selected by personal invitation for their specific skills and experience. This will continue to be the case going forward but in future the GTA wants to open up the recruitment process to applicants with more diverse skills and experiences and who are, above all, passionate about learning and development and want an opportunity to be involved upskilling the Guernsey workforce.

‘Demand from business for increasingly responsive and bespoke learning and development provision has led to a shift in focus at the GTA University Centre. It is often thought we work only with the finance industry but we actually work more strategically to be relevant to all areas of business and so the time was right to review the make-up of the board and ensure effective succession planning in line with the changing nature of the economy,’ said GTA University Centre board chairman David Leafe.

‘Our industry sector advisory boards provide advice and guidance to the GTA on the needs of their particular industry and it is important that the board has access to this same broad base of skills as it determines the strategic direction of the organisation, monitors its performance against service level agreements and ensures good governance,’ he said

Mr Leafe added:

‘With several long standing directors due to retire we will be looking for new members to join the board during 2016 to ensure continuity. However, it is a long-term approach and so we would always be interested to hear from those willing to put themselves forward. We want to hear from anyone who is interested in learning and development and feel they can make a positive contribution to the development of the GTA.’

The role is voluntary and board members, who will be given a full induction, meet six times a year. The GTA is looking for applicants from all areas of business with a background in a range of disciplines including accountancy, law, HR, compliance, and governance. Once appointed, directors will sit for a four-year term with an option to renew. Board members should be able to provide guidance and support to the GTA programmes managers who work closely with local companies.

‘Last year, the GTA was instrumental in the launch of the Board Apprentice Scheme in Guernsey which offers aspiring directors the opportunity to gain practical experience as they can’t learn the skills needed from textbooks alone. We fully embrace that approach and recognise that there are many people in Guernsey who have enormous potential to play an influential part in the direction of local companies,’ said Mr Leafe.

‘We have a board apprentice already but felt that by opening up our own recruitment process, we can immediately benefit the GTA and help develop future board leaders. This is a really exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to receiving applications from people wishing to put themselves forward to join the board now or at some point in the future.’

Anyone looking for more information on joining the GTA University Centre’s board should send their details to David Leafe, via Kate Lenfestey, Secretary to the Board, at or telephone 721555.