A globally renowned business school has partnered with the GTA University Centre to offer its highly regarded leadership training.

Cranfield University, School of Management has been the highest ranked business school in the UK for three years with the Financial Times ranking its executive development programme as the best in the UK and seventh highest in the world. The partnership with the GTA will enable the programme to be offered for the first time to meet a growing leadership skills gap in the Channel Islands.

‘Our findings from the ongoing discussions we have been having with public and private sector organisations was that there was a real demand for leadership training across business, government and not-for-profit. They all need leaders who can navigate complex, changing situations and ensure that they, and their teams, get the job done quickly and efficiently,’ said GTA University Centre head of postgraduate programmes Chris Edwards.

‘Being an effective leader is something that everyone needs to learn. This is an opportunity which meets a demand and offers anyone who has responsibility for an organisation’s future the chance to access world-class executive education from an exceptional provider.’

Mr Edwards said recent surveys in both Guernsey and Jersey had confirmed the GTA’s beliefs that there was a skills gap at the top of both private and public sector organisations.

‘Our understanding that there was a need for executive education has been borne out by these recent surveys. The Guernsey survey found that five of the top six skills gaps were management skills – planning and organising (55%), problem solving (54%), management (51%) and leadership (43%). The Jersey research also highlighted concerns around management effectiveness within the workforce and how this may be holding organisations back,’ he said.

‘It is well known that high performing organisations have the most effective managers but in Jersey, almost half of respondents had not personally experienced any management and leadership development over the last three years and a quarter of employers said they did not offer management or leadership development. The Guernsey research reveals that managers, directors and senior officials account for just 16% of all employees who have received training.

‘If both islands want to have a workforce that allows to remain competitive on a global stage then it’s imperative that we train those at the top as well.’

Cranfield’s leadership programme is designed to provide executives who have responsibility for business strategy to improve their leadership effectiveness and deliver against organisational goals. It’s aimed at chief executives, managing directors, directors, managing partners and general managers.

‘This is a unique opportunity to access the prestigious training offered by Cranfield without leaving the Channel Islands. There are only a limited number of places and we expect there to be significant demand from leaders wanting to gain greater insight into their own strengths and weaknesses and a critical appreciation of their own organisations and how they can create a sustainable business model,’ said Mr Edwards.

The course will be run over two weekends and also includes three evening functions with inspirational after-dinner speakers. It costs £5,500 which includes all course materials.

Module one, which runs from 8th – 10th July, is strategic leadership in action and will look at developing and implementing effective strategies and recognised leadership approached. It will provide delegates with the knowledge needed to prepare a strategic overview of their own business which will be used in module two.

Module two, which runs on 1st and 2nd October, will be a strategy workshop where delegates will assess their current strategic position, identify future threats and opportunities and create a 100 day action plan.

More information is available from Chris Edwards at the GTA University Centre on 721555 or by emailing chris.edwards@gta.gg