GSPCA Purple Month this February celebrating the start of 150 years

Are you supporting us celebrating 150 years this February with GSPCA Purple Month?

February 2023 the GSPCA celebrates 150 years since being founded and here are a few ideas to get involved with this momentous mile stone.

The celebrations all kick off on the 1st February as we were founded in the middle of the month and throughout the month we will have a very Purple theme and lots happening through the following 12 months as we will be running a range of events and celebrations and we need your help to make it an extra special month and year.

We would normally hold our GSPCA Purple Week in February to celebrate our anniversary of being founded, but as it is such a BIG year we will be holding a GSPCA Purple Month starting from the 1st February to encourage everyone to get involved with our 150 year celebrations.

Some TOP 10 Ways to get involved

  1. Could you or your business become an Angel Pen Pal Sponsor
  2. We have a number of Build Projects from the Wildlife Hospital to a Small Animal Department and you could become a Build Partner or Buy a Brick
  3. Could you hold a GSPCA Purple Month sponsored event or hold an event to raise much needed donations
  4. Could you become a volunteer and help us at the GSPCA
  5. Could you help with a Wish List item from the smallest bowl to the new builds
  6. Could you help us with a new GSPCA Animal Ambulance
  7. Could your business volunteer or support the GSPCA in one of many ways
  8. Could you leave a gift in your Will
  9. Could you help give an animal a home
  10. Could you sign up for our newsletter or follow or social media to keep up to date to help promote and share our stories and events

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Next month at the GSPCA we celebrate 150 years having been established in 1873.”

“There are so many stories of animals we have helped and our community from major events to lion cubs, penguins to the hundreds of thousands of animals through our doors.”

“Every year we help over 3000 sick, injured, stray, cruelly treated and unwanted animals every year and we couldn’t do so much without the amazing community we support.”

“To start the celebrations of our 150th year on the 1st February we are launching our first ever GSPCA Purple Month.”

“For over a decade we have held a GSPCA Purple Week around our anniversary which is the 14thFebruary, but as it is such a monumental occasion we are making a month of the celebrations.”

“We’ve made a top 10 list of ways to get involved and support us from becoming a regular sponsor to the many events we have upcoming.”