First Names Group in Guernsey has broken a group-wide record, with local ‘First Name’ Therese Savident recently achieving 35 years of service.

Therese is currently Finance Manager within the Group Finance team, having carved out her entire career to date as part of the company – with multiple promotions along the way. Therese was originally part of Mercator Trust, and became a ‘First Name’ following the acquisition of Mercator by First Names Group in 2014.

Earlier this week the First Names Guernsey team came together in the office to celebrate Therese’s landmark work anniversary. Therese said of her long service:

“To be honest I can’t quite believe it has been 35 years! First Names Group, and Mercator before the sale, has been a fantastic place to develop my career. I love being part of the local team in Guernsey while also working within a multi-jurisdictional group support function, interacting with a wide variety of First Names across the international business. It’s exciting being part of such a fast-growing organisation and I look forward to seeing what the future holds. My 40-year milestone, perhaps?”

David Preston, Managing Director of First Names Group’s Guernsey office, commented:

“Not only is Therese’s long service an impressive achievement in itself, but she is the first of us to achieve it – both in Guernsey and across the Group as a whole. In fact, our HR team has had to come up with a new reward to celebrate the milestone, as the policy only previously extended to 30 years! The loyalty shown in committing so many years to one company is quite exceptional. Certainly not all businesses can say they have people who’ve stayed with them for that long. And while Therese has been the first to reach 35 years, we actually have a bunch of other First Names across the business who are hot on her heels. So congratulations Therese, and to all of our other long servers too!”

J J Moore, Head of Financial Operations for First Names Group, added:

“What an achievement! 35 years of continued service is an impressive feat and made all the more remarkable by the fact that Therese continues to embrace the ongoing change and fast pace here at First Names Group with a permanent smile on her face. Therese is a very valued member of both the Group Finance function and the local Guernsey team. Here’s to the next 35 years…! Congratulations again, Therese.”