Financial businesses in Jersey and Guernsey are being invited to take part in important banking and fiduciary surveys to enable performance and sentiment evaluation of the sector. The surveys are once again being conducted by KPMG in the Channel Islands and are considered key in the evaluation of the industry.

KPMG in the Channel Islands will deliver the much anticipated surveys in both Guernsey and Jersey in autumn 2016. The surveys have developed independently over a number of years to provide participants with valuable sector data and KPIs, highlighting key drivers of performance, enabling benchmarking against industry competitors and ultimately assisting with corporate strategy development.

The banking surveys, performed in conjunction with the Association of Guernsey Bankers and Jersey Bankers Association, are now into their fifth and sixth years respectively and continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the sector and feedback from respondents. The 2016 surveys will include more qualitative analysis to provide greater insight into industry sentiment.

The Guernsey fiduciary survey is run in conjunction with the Guernsey Association of Trustees and is moving into its fourth year. Last year saw the release of the second Jersey fiduciary survey. In an industry where there is limited public data available on performance and KPIs, the surveys play an important role in analysing the underlying sector trends. Furthermore, given the wide range of licensees operating in this industry, the survey data is analysed into revenue based segments in order to provide a more representative peer group for comparison purposes.

“The KPMG survey is our window on the Fiduciary service industry in Guernsey and provides directly relevant information not available anywhere else. The KPMG survey forms a key part of our annual strategy discussion.”

Source: 2015 KPMG Guernsey Fiduciary Survey participant
The surveys are only available to respondents and data is aggregated to ensure complete anonymity. All data provided is treated with strict confidence and respondents are not individually named. Cognisant of the ever-increasing requests for information being placed upon the finance sector, KPMG in the Channel Islands have made the surveys as straightforward as possible to participate in, with minimal information preparation requirements. These surveys form part of KPMG’s wider investment in thought leadership in these sectors, which are intrinsically linked and perform an important contribution to employment and GDP in the Channel Island’s economies.

Ashley Paxton, C.I. Head of Advisory for KPMG in the Channel Islands, says:
‘We are delighted to once again provide these surveys to participants, offering our insights into these important industries. Last year saw the highest participation rate across all of the surveys which is testament to how participants value the information for strategic decision making in industries where the availability of reliable information is scarce. Each year we welcome participant feedback and continually strive to evolve the surveys to ensure maximum benefit to participants.’

If you would like to participate in either of the surveys or find out more please contact Gavin Niven in Guernsey on +44(0)1481 721000, or Stephanie Syvret in Jersey on +44(0)1534 888891.