Do you have a passion for changing things for the better? Equality Guernsey are looking for individuals who are passionate about equality, equity, inclusion, social justice and protecting people from discrimination on Guernsey. If that sounds like you, they’d love to hear from you!
Equality Guernsey are looking for people with a passion for making sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly, especially those who would represent groups with regard to race, religion, sex, age (young and old) or have a passion for human rights in these areas.

Equality Guernsey’s mission is to, ‘accelerate the equality agenda in Guernsey’. The first key project under this banner was the campaign for the introduction of vital anti discrimination legislation to protect under represented groups from discrimination. With the introduction of the first phase of the legislation agreed and due to be put into place later this year, we’ve reached a natural point where we are looking to have a refresh after accomplishing the first part of our mission. We are now looking to rejuvenate our team with some fresh energy to
help lead us into the next phase.

The new legislation will seek to bring in protection for age discrimination, sex discrimination and discrimination against trans people in employment, education, goods and services.

‘Being part of Equality Guernsey has been really eye-opening with regards to the discrimination and lack of opportunities that those from minority groups are faced with on the island’, explains Ellie Jones, Equality Guernsey member and CEO of Liberate in Guernsey. ‘Being a part of the next phase gives you the opportunity to make that a thing of the past. You’ll need passion and drive and you’ll need to be prepared for a little bit of stress and frustration but it’s also very rewarding!’.

Get in touch if you’d like to help make Guernsey a more fair and equitable place to live and work. We can’t tell you it’s going to be easy, but we can promise that it will be worthwhile. Get in touch to find out more via or

About Equality Guernsey:

Equality Guernsey is a well-established consortium of local third sector organisations and individuals united by a shared vision to progress of the equality and inclusion in Guernsey. We raise awareness of Equality Diversity Inclusion and Human Rights locally. In 2022 we focused on raising awareness on the States passing of Phase 1 of the Prevention of Discrimination ordinance to ensure the protection from Discrimination. You can find out more at To contact the team for more information please email

About Liberate:
Liberate is an equality charity whose mission is to support those who identify as part of a minority or visible minority group (“Minorities”) living in the Channel Islands, and specifically the LGBTQ community by:

• providing safe and inclusive spaces for people to meet across the Channel Islands;
• educating and informing residents, organisations and governments of the Channel Islands on a range of minority issues.
• campaigning to reform policies and laws to ensure that Minorities can enjoy the same freedoms and rights as everyone else across the Channel Islands;
• questioning social attitudes and behaviours which discriminate against Minorities in the Channel Islands;
• working with government and other providers to ensure equal access to and equal quality of services, such as healthcare, housing and education, for Minorities across the Channel Islands; and
• offering advice and help to residents and law enforcement agencies of the Channel Islands in tackling racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and other hate crimes.