Duforest AI, a pioneering leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) education and ChatGPT training, announced today the latest addition to its rapidly expanding curriculum. The newly introduced “ChatGPT for Business – a Prompts Masterclass, from Beginner to Pro” course aims to dramatically enhance the knowledge and skill sets of professionals across all sectors.

“This new course is a pivotal advancement in our educational repertoire,” said Simon Kirkpatrick, founder of Duforest AI. “We’ve designed it to boost efficiency, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and provide a substantial return on investment for businesses that grasp the powerful potential of ChatGPT.”

The comprehensive tutorial focuses on prompt engineering, the key to unlocking effective AI interaction. By mastering this art, professionals will gain an unprecedented competitive edge, driving innovation and efficiency within their respective organisations. The course is accessible and relevant to everyone within an organisation, from administrative staff to IT professionals, and executive suite members.

Among the key topics the course will cover are:

– Mastering prompt engineering for effective AI interaction
– Boosting problem-solving skills with ChatGPT’s predictions
– Unlocking advanced features for optimal ChatGPT performance
– Customising ChatGPT for business with fine-tuning skills
– Creating compelling content to engage audiences
– Staying ahead of the curve with future ChatGPT and AI developments

Scheduled for public presentation in Guernsey on 3rd July, 7th August, and 4th September, the course can also be uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your company or team as a private presentation. Completion of the course will be recognised with a personalised certificate and is accredited for 7 CPD hours.

“Mastering the power of ChatGPT and its prompts will set companies and individuals ahead of the curve, allowing them to excel beyond their competitors,” Kirkpatrick explained. Full details of the course can be found at https://duforest.ai/chatgpt-for-business/.

About Duforest AI
Duforest AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specialising in AI consultancy and AI education. The company offers a comprehensive curriculum of ChatGPT and prompt engineering courses in Guernsey, Jersey, and London.

For further information, please contact:
Simon Kirkpatrick, Founder
Duforest AI
Email: simon@duforest.ai
Phone: 073 8811 8811
Website: https://duforest.ai