Should I counter a counteroffer?

The above is a question that gets asked a lot in the world of recruitment.

A counteroffer is offered by your current employer to try and entice you to stay following your resignation, usually after receiving an offer from a new employer. Most readers of this article will likely have first-hand experience of this ‘predicament’.

There are plenty of stats and facts floating around regards counteroffers, for example, ‘70 to 80 percent of people who accept counteroffers either leave or are let go within a year’, whilst these exact figures may not be wholly accurate, it is true that the majority of individuals who accept counteroffers decide to leave their current employment within six months.

Why? Because nothing has changed.

When looking for a new job, you will most likely have sat down and thoroughly thought things through as to why you want to leave. Normally individuals look to leave companies due to; location, job security, line manager style, company culture, opportunities to advance and of course financial package. So when a counteroffer is made, in theory, the only thing that will change is your financial package.

However, you have spent time looking for a new job, meeting with a potential new employer and going through the interview process and have finally negotiated an offer, which of course you were very happy with because you accepted!

In addition to this your new employer has contributed a lot of their time to meet with you and prepare a competitive offer of employment and declining their offer at the last minute may leave a very bitter taste in their mouths and let’s face it – the world (in particular the Channel Islands) is a very small place.

Our advice to you is this;

  1. Stick to your guns – you have taken the time to identify why you would like to leave your current role and after trying to rectify these issues you have come to the fundamental conclusion that it is time to leave. You have put in all the hard work to find a new role that better matches your career goals and aspirations. You’ve done your homework and have made an informed decision, do not let money cloud your judgement

2. Compare your two offers – remove all emotion and compare the two offers you have on the table. Assess what is most important to you. Which company better fits your criteria?

3. What about the new job offer you have already accepted? Seriously think through the repercussions of later declining an offer which you have already committed to

4. If you are thinking about accepting a counteroffer, have a very serious discussion with your current employer surrounding your concerns, your reasons for leaving, your future with them and your overall career aspirations. If they do not align with your goals it will only reaffirm that it is indeed time to move on

Should you be in this situation and are unsure how to decline a counteroffer, firmly advise that you have already accepted a new offer of employment which you are very happy with. Thank your current employer for their offer, be polite, professional and look forward to the future.

Your new challenge awaits!

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