de garis accounting are delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2017 Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The Bill Green Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit is given by the Young Business Group to local businesses which have demonstrated a desire to succeed and the ambition, vision and drive to turn ideas into a successful business.

de garis accounting don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs, they also want to reach and encourage more entrepreneurs to take the plunge. de garis accounting work with lots of start-up businesses and always try to be generous with their time for free at the start of their journey. So being shortlisted for an award that has entrepreneurship at its heart means so much to the team.

Through entering the award and being shortlisted, they have the opportunity to talk about cloud accounting and how it’s not just changing the way businesses are working with their accountants, but also the massive impact it has on the way people work – saving time and money. We are so proud of what we have achieved so far, and the business model we have developed. We believe we’re leading the way in Guernsey, in embracing the opportunities that technological advances brings to what is a very traditional profession.

de garis accounting partner, Diane de Garis, said: “We are looking forward to the Summer Ball when the winner will be announced, and keeping their fingers crossed. The two other finalists though are worthy candidates and the decision won’t be easy for the judges! Whether we win or not, we are so pleased to have got this far. We are also grateful that our being videoed about the award is behind us now!!”

de garis accounting partner, Mandy Pratt said: “Through being shortlisted for this award we are getting the message out there that the future for business is cloud accounting! We want to help more businesses work smarter, grow and improve work/life balance. And if we won we could reach even more people.”

The winner and runner up of the Bill Green Award will be announced at YBG’s summer ball on Friday 16th June.