Cyber Security:

In today’s connected world, security is an ongoing process, not a point-in-time solution. Our goal for this document is not to frighten, but to inform and provide our clients with practical advice that will help them adjust practices to prevent any attack. Cyber-crime is now part of organised crime including; blackmail, sabotage and terrorism.

Recent examples include TalkTalk who were held to ransom for their data by an external hacker. Media generally only cover large multinationals, however lots of SMB’s have been affected but don’t generally make the media. Scottish hairdressing firm “Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty” which has salons in Glasgow and Giffnock said it paid 1,000 euros through a third party after its system was hacked in October 2015. The hackers had locked its database and threatened to delete information, The firm said it decided to pay because it could not afford to lose business.

SMB’s are most targeted because their modest security budgets make them more accessible and through these SMB’s the supply chain of larger companies can be affected which, in turn, makes them vulnerable to extortion.
Insurance cover may in the case of many SMBs be inadequate or inappropriate for the risk that they have not anticipated. Location is not a barrier; therefore, any business can be targeted from all over the world. Attacks that occur outside the territorial limits of most insurance is unlikely to be covered.
Resolution IT can provide Enterprise Firewalls as-a-service from £65.00 per month which can significantly improve the security of the network. We would advise you to consider these Firewalls, so please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team who can assist in ensuring your network is safe.
However, no matter what security measures are in place, technology can only protect so far. There will always be a human element so education for everyone is key.

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