The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) has released the results of its first survey of business satisfaction with telecoms services.

Results show some local telecoms operators are outperforming the UK in each of the three areas surveyed – landline, fixed internet and mobile.

As part of CICRA’s role to inform and protect local consumers it has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys since 2014, but this is the first one targeted specifically at businesses.

Consistent with the residential customer survey, CICRA has followed the approach used by Ofcom and has benchmarked local operators against those in the UK.

Some 234 Channel Islands businesses were surveyed across a range of sectors with the majority using all three services (landline, fixed internet and mobile).

Customer satisfaction levels varied significantly between operators, in excess of 20 per cent in some cases, which demonstrates the benefits of shopping around.

Business telecoms customer needs are generally more complex than those of residential customers and therefore access to appropriate information on which to base purchasing decisions is particularly important. The survey results indicate that if operators focussed greater attention in this area, customer satisfaction levels could increase significantly.

CICRA director Louise Read said: “The level of engagement from the business community reflects the survey results which unsurprisingly confirm that Channel Island businesses see telecoms services as fundamental to their businesses, significantly more so than in the UK.

“CICRA is urging business customers to engage with their existing operator but also to shop around to ensure that their business telecoms needs are met.”

“The full results of this survey have been shared with the telecoms operators and we hope that they will find it useful to identify where improvements can be made to ensure business customers are best served.”