We’re certainly living in uncertain times – things will eventually return to what seems normal but this will take time and businesses will need support and new solutions.

• The entire hospitality sector – Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs – needs to be prepared for when lockdown restrictions are lifted
• The UK will want to celebrate with long-awaited reunions with family and friends and get back to normality
• There will be a call for staff and this is where we at Chef Etc Recruitment have geared up to help you

Staff recruitment is time-consuming and expensive through the normal channels, such as advertising and money-upfront companies that fail to supply.

We at Chefs Etc Recruitment are offering you cost-effective and time-saving solutions to recruit your temporary and permanent staff.

We have reduced our rates to help you in these difficult times.

• For the first 10 weeks after the lockdown is lifted on the hospitality sector, our rates for permanent staff on an annual salary will reduce to 6%, returning to our normal 10% once the 10 weeks have passed.

• For the first eight weeks after the lockdown is lifted on the hospitality sector, our rates for temporary staff will reduce to 50% of our normal day rates as follows:

• Chef de partie – £12.50 instead of £25.00
• Sous chef – £14.00 instead of £28.00
• Head chef – £15.50 instead of £31.00

Once the eight weeks after the lockdown of the hospitality sector has passed, rates will revert to our normal rates.

• If you wish to hire our temporary-recruited staff for a permanent role within the first six weeks as above, we will extend the eight weeks for the permanent staff discounted rate of 6% for a further 3 months.

Our guarantee to you:
• All our chefs come thoroughly vetted, with 3 background checks and a social media check
• We retain their details on file, together with their food hygiene certificate

So why not save time and money and let us do all the recruitment work for you?
Chefs Etc Recruitment is waiting to help you with your staffing needs.

I will be happy to talk more over zoom if this helps and explain in more detail what we can do

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

David Spencer
Chef Director
Chefs Etc Recruitment Ltd
6 Palk Street
Tel: 07511807161
Web: www.chefsetc.cc