Channel Islands Hosting, a part of the Enrapture Group, is offering new domain registrations for .GG and .JE domains at only £13.99 per year until July 1st, 2020.

Registrants also have the option to register for one or two years at that low price and there are no restrictions on how many domains you can register. When a domain comes up for renewal, it will simply revert to the regular low price of £29.95 per year fee.

It is hoped that this will help make it easier for new or existing businesses and organisations across the Channel Islands to adopt the .GG or .JE domains to promote both their business and the islands globally.

Channel Island Hosting are also offering .CO.GG / .CO.JE and .NET.GG / .NET.JE domains for £9.99 per year (with the same option to register a new domain for one or two years), with the domain renewal fee reverting to only £19.99 per year after that.

If any CoC members require further information, please check out the Channel Island Hosting website at ‘’ or call us 0330 0437308.