Gary Haycock-West, CEO and Founder of Blue Cube Security, on an unexpected move to Guernsey, and his business journey within the cyber security marketplace.

A move to Guernsey was never part of Gary Haycock-West’s life plan, just a happy coincidence resulting from a new personal relationship; however, since relocating in 2021 he has fully embraced island life. Making the most of every business and social opportunity that has come his way, he has been welcomed with open arms.

Given his passion for rugby – the game itself and the community spirit it encourages – it was almost inevitable that Gary would get involved with Guernsey RFC at some level. Bringing his considerable experience to the executive team, he is now Vice President and an avid supporter of the club.

Connecting with Guernsey’s diverse and dynamic business leaders has also been important to Gary, so joining the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce was an obvious step. Keen to share his business prowess, Gary also generously gives his time as a business coach. Drawing on his background in the corporate world he regularly helps others identify and overcome challenges, and develop and maintain growth, in addition to being a Non-Executive Director for several start-ups, established companies, and charities.

The Early Days

Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to establish and invest, own and lead in several businesses over the last 40 years. Most notably, in 2000, after identifying a gap in the cyber threat market he founded Blue Cube Security with the aim of offering vendor-agnostic cyber security solutions.

Gary’s ethos was to give the customer what he truly believed was the right solution for their business, not always popular with the technology vendors who invariably advocated rigid terms to allow Blue Cube Security to resell their solutions.

It was an uphill battle. Vendors were reluctant to allow him the flexibility to have multiple competing technologies within his portfolio, but Gary’s persistence paid off and Blue Cube Security flourished, further evolving to include professional and managed security services.

Blue Cube Security

Blue Cube Security has grown to become one of the UK’s largest providers of independent IT and cyber security solutions and still remains true to its original principles of vendor independence.

The company prides itself on its extensive technical expertise and is highly accredited across a range of best-of-breed solutions, as well as holding certifications in major governance and compliance frameworks.

Blue Cube Security works with its customers, starting from initial consultation through to solution implementation, optimisation, and education. The professional and managed security services further assure customers that their critical assets are fully protected within the increasingly complex and ever-evolving threat landscape.


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