Opportunities for Guernsey to exploit big data for economic benefit will be considered at the island’s first ever data conference next month. Startup Guernsey has organised the event on Monday 9th October to follow up the blockchain conference it organised in March. The conference is sponsored by PwC, JT, Bedell Cristin and the States of Guernsey.

Expert speakers from different business sector will be presenting the opportunities and risks for local businesses, as well as exploring where big data is already having an impact on the global market.

The keynote speaker will be William Mason, Director General of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission who will discuss big data and the paradox of regulation and freedom. Other confirmed speakers include Graeme Millar, CEO of JT, Marc Winn, Co-Founder of the Dandelion Foundation, Colin Vaudin, Chief Information Officer for the States of Guernsey, Emma Martins, Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey, Stuart Lawson, Product Manager at Northern Trust, John Davison, Chief Information Officer at FCG, Jon Barclay, Partner at Bedell Cristin and Steve Billinghurst, Director at PwC.

Key topics which will be covered at the conference include blockchain, eGov, digital identity, data protection and data law. The conference will also aim to provide a greater level of understanding around big data for local businesses.

Nick Vermeulen, Partner, PwC commented:

‘Digital developments are transforming the financial services marketplace and Guernsey, already a trusted location for the safekeeping and administration of valuable assets, has shown it can be innovative and responsive in this market.  Significant opportunities were highlighted in the States of Guernsey’s Strategic Vision for Fintech report and the Island is well positioned to be a leading location for hosting valuable data. Already we are seeing some really innovative use of Blockchain on Island, which is helping to signal Guernsey’s capabilities in this field.

We have been working with Startup Guernsey on staging a Data Conference for some time and are delighted to be a sponsor. We are committed to helping position Guernsey as a world class innovation hub and this conference will, I am sure, be a further catalyst in placing Guernsey at the forefront of fintech services.’

Bedell Cristin will explain how the legal framework in Guernsey enables opportunities for the data economy. Jon Barclay, Partner at Bedell Cristin Guernsey Partnership said:

“Guernsey’s legal and regulatory framework positions Guernsey to take advantage of the opportunities offered through collection and use of data in fresh and innovative ways. Bedell Cristin is delighted to support this conference to explore how Guernsey can become a jurisdiction of choice for data services.”

JT have innovative initiatives for big data underway and will discuss the opportunities for Guernsey. Graeme Millar, CEO of JT said:

“The amount of data being generated today grows exponentially, as do the opportunities to use it intelligently to make a positive difference to millions of lives. Much of that hinges on fast and reliable connectivity, which is why JT has invested heavily in our mobile and broadband infrastructure to make sure that the Channel Islands can capture and process data effectively. Guernsey is in a position to become a significant force in the world of big data, which is why JT is proud to support this important conference.”

Northern Trust product manager, Stuart Lawson will also give an update on the blockchain example in relation to big data. He said:

“Data has become ubiquitous. Our recent research showed that, while organisations were finding ways to create tangible benefits from the vast quantity of data at their disposal, only 13% felt they were maximizing their data’s value. As we explored this further, it became clear that the difference between firms that were successfully making the most of their data and those that were floundering was that successful firms had a focused data strategy under the guidance of effective and informed leadership. Northern Trust is a strong advocate of the work Startup Guernsey is doing to position the Island of Guernsey to take full advantage of the data revolution”

Jennifer Strachan, CEO of Startup Guernsey and the organiser of the conference said:

“We are delighted to be able to gather key figures in the island together to showcase areas in business and government where data innovation is taking place.  Indeed, it is only by the government, regulator and businesses working together that we will drive an environment to successfully take on the new challenges posed by technological advances.”

Tickets to the Guernsey Data Conference 1.0 are priced at £30 which includes breakfast and a buffet lunch. To book visit http://www.startup.gg/events/the-guernsey-data-conference-10/ or Eventbrite.