A recent United Nations report has cast a stark light on the prevalence of violence against women and girls in the UK, branding it a “national threat.”


With over a thousand sexual offences estimated to have occurred in Guernsey in 2022, disproportionately affecting women – the need for the local community, including businesses, to address violence against women is now more critical than ever.

The BE LADS campaign, conceived by local advocate Poppy Murray, is a key initiative addressing this pressing societal issue. It challenges men to consider, “What can they do to help women feel safer when walking alone?”

BE LADS for Guernsey businesses.

In September 2023, Saffery Trust became the first Channel Island business to introduce its staff to the BE LADS Campaign, aligned with its commitment to ensuring all is people feel safe both in the workplace and their personal lives.

Saffery Trust Associate Director, Matthew Gilligan, said:

“Poppy’s presentation was insightful. She raised some brilliant key points and strategies of how we can all support each other within our community, which I will be taking forward personally. We are all lucky to have someone like Poppy driving this initiative and I would encourage others to attend one of her talks.”

Since its launch – in the wake of the tragic case of Sarah Everard who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a serving police officer when walking home alone in London – the BE LADS Campaign has been adopted by organisations across the UK and internationally to give the public practical advice on how to help women feel safer.

Poppy is encouraging other Guernsey businesses to support the well-being and safety of their staff by engaging in the campaign.

“BE LADS sessions give practical safety advice, equips attendees with tools to start conversations about women’s safety with their peers, friends, and family – including children – and promotes a positive, inclusive culture”

Four reasons for you business to engage with BE LADS:

  1. · Tackling violence against women is not just urgent; it’s imperative for every responsible business.
  2. · BE LADS is gaining traction as an invaluable campaign, even recognised by the City of London Crime Prevention Association.
  3. · Engagement with BE LADS is more than support; it’s an active commitment to safety and respect.
  4. · By engaging with the BE LADS Campaign, Guernsey businesses will join other organisations, including the Chelsea FC Foundation, Royal British Legion, and National Police Chief’s Council.

BE LADS advice:

BE LADS recognise that most men are not a threat to women and want to do what they can to help woman feel safe. BE LADS is an acronym giving simple advice men can follow to help women feel safer when walking alone.

· Be visible.

· Ease the tension by making a phone call.

· Look away, don’t stare.

· Active bystander intervention

· Distance yourself.

· Suggest walking your friends home.

For more information visit belads.co.uk