Aspida Group would like to welcome Matt Roland as Head of People and Culture.

‘I am so pleased to have joined the business and I have been made to feel at home straight away. As the Head of People and Culture, I have a large remit, but I’m looking forward to knuckling down and building on the brilliant base we already have here. I am looking forward to adding value in many ways and really enhancing the employee experience. It’s so important to provide a strong HR offering and develop a strong identity and culture in any business and I very much look forward to adding to the foundations of that here. I have a wealth of HR experience, gained in a variety of organisations ranging from large, multi-jurisdictional business to smaller, management owned companies. Through this experience and my qualifications, I hope to offer a wide variety of HR knowledge and skills to the business.

I often liken HR to parenting – not what you think! I have 2 girls (1 & 3) and a boy (7) and I’m always learning. There is rarely a week where I don’t experience something new, challenging or different. HR is much the same and you’ll never stop learning, experiencing new challenges or having to find new, creative solutions. I think I’ll continue to learn throughout my career but that’s all part of the fun. I think there is a very exciting opportunity here at Aspida to develop, grow and to do that within a growing organisation, with the right fundamentals and exciting possibilities.

The Aspida Group has such an exciting future and I’m very happy to be a part of that.’

Kevin Gilligan, our Head of Business Advisory says “We are delighted Matt has joined the Group in this new and important role. At the heart of our strategic objectives is “People & Technology” but with the emphasis on our people. Matt will play a key role as we continue to grow our current operation but he will also support us with our ambitions to enter new markets.”

Welcome to Aspida Matt!