The annual campaign, organised by Island FM, is designed to promote safe cycling as well as encourage us all to think about swapping the steering wheel for the saddle and reap the many benefits of a more active form of transport.

As part of the campaign, Aspida are supporting interactive learning sessions being delivered in local schools by the Island FM team and all children will be given a cool Aspida reflective bike spoke attachment. Pupils will also have an opportunity to enter a competition to win a brand new bike and helmet from Ian Browns.

As cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road user groups Aspida are involved with the campaign to not only help promote the many benefits of cycling, but more importantly the core aim of educating people about the risks and how to best manage them. There is also a key focus in this year’s campaign on not just educating cyclists about their risks but making other road users more aware of the risks they represent to cyclists and how to share the road more responsibly with them.

Wayne Bulpitt, Aspida Co-Chair comments “At Aspida the main focus of our business is helping clients anticipate and manage the risk on the (metaphorical) road ahead and that’s what our services like risk assurance, regulatory compliance and corporate governance aim to do. However, as well as being a business with a global focus, we’re also a very community focused organisation so helping to promote crucial awareness of road risk, and how to manage that risk ,so highlighting best practice for all road users fits very well. In this, our third year, we are increasing the focus on the importance of safe driving as well as cycling”

Aspida’s cycling champion (and Head of Regulated Services) Sarah Sarre says “What we’re very keen to get across in the campaign are not just safety messages for those already cycling (or considering starting to) but to all road users. As we said before, cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable road users and are at risk from other road users such as motorists, and even pedestrians. It’s also a great opportunity to get our own team to think about getting on their bikes, but doing so safely”

Throughout the campaign we will be sharing helpful tips on cycle safety for all road users so follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.